Macomb County Emergency Operations Center

Location: 117 South Groesbeck, Mount Clemens, Michigan  
Client: County of Macomb
Area: 26,500 sf
Completion Date: 2014
Construction Cost:  $12,000,000

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One of a Kind Emergency Operations Center

The project objective for the Macomb County Emergency Operations Center project was to provide a facility to house and consolidate county functions which include the incorporation of the Sheriff’s Central 911 Dispatch Center, Emergency Management and Communications Center, the Information Technology Department and the Department of Roads Traffic Operations into a single building to encourage face-to-face interactions and shared resources to better serve the community.

The project began with a study of three existing buildings and the option to construct a new building. PARTNERS analyzed each of the options and developed multiple solutions for each of the four possibilities. The research and analysis provided a detailed comparison in terms of site security and circulation, building functionality and efficiency, physical limiting factors, building hardening challenges, county infrastructure connectivity, utilities and a detailed budget analysis. The results of these studies led to the selection of renovating an existing under-utilized building.

The Emergency Operations Center building comprises of a total 26,500 square feet, of which the Sheriff’s 911 Dispatch program occupies 7,250 square feet, the Emergency Management and Communications Center occupies 4,200 square feet, the IT Department occupies 7,250 square feet and the Department of Roads occupies 7,250 square feet of the total overall building. The overall layout of the project was developed around a 50-foot wide by 20-foot tall video wall which was funded by the Roads Department Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) grant. The provision of such technology allows for multiple departments to use and see this technology for traffic cameras, tornado siren status, live video feeds, television network feeds and many more sources in a now more dynamic method of face-to-face interaction

The county was able to secure funding for this project through multiple sources of which PARTNERS helped to facilitate the allocations of these funds with the overall budget. Funding was provided through a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) grant program, Emergency Operation Center grants, Community Oriented Policing Service (COPS) grants, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Homeland Security Grants, Sheriff’s Drug Forfeiture and through the County’s Capital Improvement budget and individual department funding.